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Are You Giving Your Horse Enough Release Over The Jumps?

Submitted by member: Joyce

Hi! I have quite a few shows coming up and I need some help on my jumping position. I understand that I am supposed to have my arms out in front of me when I am jumping, but usually, I end up tucking them under me and not giving a full release. Is there a way I can fix that, even when jumping small cross rails, for practice? Thank you!

Answer by Bernie

I would suggest that you focus on practicing the two point position in the trot on a daily basis for the next few weeks. Make sure your leg is in the correct position to support you. A good indicator is the stirrup leather which should be perpendicular to the ground with your heel well down. Push yourself daily to hold this position longer and longer, but don’t push it to the point you get tired and lose the correct position.

This will greatly improve your strength and balance, thus making your seat more independent from your arms. In turn this will make you more solid over fences and enable you to work on extending your arms enough to allow the horse to use his neck fully.

If you are not releasing enough, then exaggerate the release for a couple weeks by using the long crest release. When you are comfortable with this and more secure in your position you can graduate to the medium or short crest release.

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