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Benefits of Equitation

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Panel Expert: Geoff Teall

Submitted by member: JPRLDY

I am a novice jumper and my trainer is recommending I compete in equitation classes and take the USEF Equitation tests 1-19. He said it’s to help me be a better rider. I was just wondering your thoughts on this? As a jumper is this necessary?

Answer by Geoff

Yes, Yes and Yes! I talk about that extensively in my book Riding Hunters, Jumpers and Equitation: Develop a Winning Style.

A thorough understanding of the fundamentals of good horsemanship benefits the rider in my ways. As a rider, perfecting your form and position provides you with a wealth of skills that will help you cope with the problems and difficult situations you will surly encounter in your riding career.

Equitation work stretches you. Equitation riders learn more about lengthening and shortening, turning, lightening, and making their horses more responsive than most riders in other disciplines.

Since fine-tuning your equitation skills involves learning how to ride into and out of specific problems, you learn a lot about training. Not only do you learn how to train yourself to jump with fluidity, style and grace, but you also learn how to train your horse to do the same.

If you would like to learn more, my book is available on Amazon or you can buy it for Nook.

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Geoff Teall

Geoff Teall is one of the leading Hunter and Hunt Seat Equitation trainers in the country. Horses and riders who have trained with Geoff have gone on to win championships, medals and ribbons at major events including Devon, the AHSA Medal Finals, the ASPCA Maclay Finals, the Capital Challenge, the Pennsylvania National, the Washington International, the USET Talent Search, and the National Horse Show. Geoff is an "R" judge for both Hunters and Hunt Seat Equitation. In addition to training and judging he also offers his expert coaching through virtual training. To learn more from Geoff Teall Virtual Training on Facebook and Instagram.

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