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Cynthia Redwine Martinez is a lifelong equestrian, business lawyer and co-founder of Equine Exchange.  She breeds Holsteiner horses for show jumping and enjoys competing in the amateur jumper divisions.  She has practiced business and transactional law for over a decade.  She earned her law degree and MBA from the University of Texas and her undergraduate degree from Georgetown University.

equine exchange

Equine Exchange is the first interactive online platform to facilitate horse transactions among buyers, sellers, trainers and veterinarians. Equine Exchange is modernizing the way horses are bought and sold around the world, with transactions that are open and honest, standardized with a familiar process (similar to real estate), and lower risk for all parties. Buyers have increased confidence in their investment, sellers know who they’re dealing with and how their horse will be treated, and professionals are protected from financial and reputational risk. All parties benefit from setting clear expectations in writing, the efficiency of a mobile and paperless process, and doing business with professionalism and integrity. Receive 20% off your transaction with Equine Exchange by using the coupon code EQCOACH1 at checkout.

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