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Gozzi 1

Famous Hunter

Panel Expert: Ronnie Beard

Submitted by member: HNTFarms

What horse do you consider to be your most famous hunter?

Answer by Ronnie

The most recognizable name would have to be Gozzi. In my mind he was the epitome of a horse; a beautiful mover, beautiful looking, great scope and a Thoroughbred. But what really made him unique was his heart. What a heart that horse had.

If I had one word to describe Gozzi, it would be regal. Anyone who encountered him knew he was special.

For these and many other reasons, Gozzi has a well deserved spot in the National Show Hunter Hall of Fame.

I talk about Gozzi and many other of my other wonderful hunters in an interview I did with Bernie. Click here to view the interview on

Gozzi Hunter
Gozzi Horse

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Ronnie Beard

Ronnie Beard has an expansive background in the industry that involves countless relationships with the best in the business. He is an R Hunter/Hunter Equitation Judge and has done the Medal Finals twice, as well as the USET on East and West Coasts, the ASPCA Maclay, and Washington International Horse Show Equitation Finals. He currently runs Wyndmont Farm, training, riding, buying and selling hunters and jumpers. Visit his website:

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