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Horse Hiding Behind The Bit

Panel Expert: Bernie Traurig

Submitted by member: Becky Weik

Do you have any videos that help to make a horse stretch and use his back? I have a young OTTB that tends to hide behind the bit and “curl” his neck. If I release pressure he tends to just raise his head and get quick. Do you have any tips on making him accept bit and hand pressure instead of just avoiding the bit and contact? Thanks!

Answer By Bernie

I really love using a rubber D-ring snaffle or a fat loose ring snaffle and it sounds like one of these bits would be good in your situation.

Here are some videos I recommend  on our site to help out with your issue:

Fundamentals of Flatwork: Basic – for some ideas on exercises to help your horse understand and accept the bit and your rein aids better.

Bits and Bitting – for more ideas on bits.

You may also want to look into getting your horse’s teeth looked at, as proper dentistry can really make a difference. We’ve got a great video topic by Dr. Heather Mack on Equine Dentistry that you may find interesting: Holistic Dentistry with Dr. Heather Mack.

Good Luck!

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Bernie Traurig

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