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How to Prepare for Equitation Finals

Submitted by member: Samantha

What is your favorite exercise to prepare your students for equitation finals?

Answer by Karen Healey

When people ask me how I prepare for finals, my answer is that I prepare my horses and riders in every lesson for finals. I firmly believe that the riders should never see anything in the ring that they haven’t seen and done before. In every lesson we practice the skills that will enable them to successfully answer the questions a good finals course will ask.

In the days and weeks leading up to the finals, we will practice distance problems (long to short, short to long), as well as precision in bending lines.

On the day of the finals, the key word is calm. The riders are going to be nervous enough on their own. It’s our job to keep them confident and as relaxed as possible. All of the homework has been done and over training or over jumping does nothing to instill confidence.

It’s also extremely important to ride the plan and the track according to your horse and rider’s abilities. Just because somebody leaves a stride out, doesn’t mean that every horse and rider should do the same.

My plan would not necessarily be the same for a seasoned rider with a chance to be contender and a rider doing the finals for the first time.

Nothing destroys a rider’s confidence quicker than changing everything in the schooling area. The warm up should be relaxed, not frantic.

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