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Common Leg And Hoof Treatments

How to Wrap a Horse’s Hoof for an Abscess

Submitted by member: Caron

My horse has an abscess and my vet said to soak his hoof in Epsom Salt, and then pack and wrap the foot. How do I wrap it correctly so the wrap won’t fall off? Also, how do I know if I should use poultice or a sweat wrap on my horse’s legs?

Answer by Bernie

The best thing to do would be to ask your vet. However, one thing to be sure of whenever you are wrapping your horse’s foot, is that you don’t put any pressure on the coronet band (where the hoof and the hair meet). So use lots of duct tape (it wears better than vet wrap) around your horse’s hoof and heel bulbs, and use a little extra on the toe, as that’s where the most wear and tear usually occurs.

As for your question on poultice vs. a sweat wrap, you should check out the video topic Dr. Melodee Ingram did for on common leg and hoof treatments. In it she talks about how and when to apply various different wraps and treatments to your horse’s legs and hooves.

Common Leg and Hoof Treatments for horses

Common Leg and Hoof Treatments
Melodee Ingram
Spend some time with veterinarian, Melodee Ingram, as she takes us step by step through common do-it-yourself leg & hoof treatments. In this topic she discusses and demonstrates the proper procedures for icing, cold hosing, hoof soaking, hoof packing and the application of poultice and sweat wraps.
Running Time:  18 minutes and 44 seconds

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