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Learn How To Safely Adjust Your Stirrups and Girth While On Your Horse

Learn how to safely tighten your girth and shorten/lengthen your stirrup leathers while mounted on your horse without dropping the reins or stirrup irons and without the help of someone on the ground.

Video Credits: Bernie Traurig, “Argyle” owned by Sharon Engel, filmed at “Fairbanks Valley Farm” owned by Pam & Bob Buie.

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    Cori Christmann

    Originally from Canada but now living in beautiful sunny Southern California, Cori is the daughter of a trainer, so she was practically born and raised on a horse. She spent her junior years showing non-stop in the hunters, equitation and jumpers, while also helping with the family business (coaching students, training horses, mucking stalls you name it). She has learned a lot over the years from some amazing horsemen and women and has had lots of experience with different types of horses and students of many abilities.

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