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New Dressage Guest Coach: Verena Mahin

A big welcome to new guest coach Verena Mahin of VS Dressage to the Equestrian Coach family! From her start in the sport in Germany at age five, to living and training with Bert Rutten, Olympic rider/trainer and Chef d’Equipe of the Dutch Olympic team, this up and coming Dressage rider has a passion for learning and a bright future.

To truly absorb the classical techniques, you have to immerse yourself in it every day. I had the honor of working for and learning from one of the world’s most renowned dressage riders. I sat in the ménage day in and day out–even when I was too exhausted to sit–and absorbed every last morsel of information. You learn a lot from watching! I learned the language (Dutch) so that I could really understand the dialogue between a true master and his pupil. I was given the opportunity of a lifetime by Mr. Rutten because he gave me a chance.
Verena and Unity

Learn more about Verena in this interview she did with us on Equestrian Coach. She discusses her introduction to the sport, her biggest influences and we find out what’s on the horizon for this talented Dressage rider as she follows her passion toward her Olympic dream.

Video Interview with Verena Mahin

To learn more about Verena, check out her full biography on by clicking here.

Video Release Presented by Verena Mahin - "Suppleness: Unlocking the Gaits"

A supple horse who is relaxed and whose physical and mental state indicate he enjoys his work is, of course, ideal in any discipline and especially dressage. A tense, stiff or rigid horse is unable to use his body effectively and can’t properly demonstrate rhythm, relaxation, connection, impulsion, straightness or collection. Join Verena Mahin as she shares her favorite exercises to attain a greater degree of suppleness that subsequently allows the horse to move with bigger, more expressive gaits.

Cori Christmann

Originally from Canada but now living in beautiful sunny Southern California, Cori is the daughter of a trainer, so she was practically born and raised on a horse. She spent her junior years showing non-stop in the hunters, equitation and jumpers, while also helping with the family business (coaching students, training horses, mucking stalls you name it). She has learned a lot over the years from some amazing horsemen and women and has had lots of experience with different types of horses and students of many abilities.

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