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Quick Tip For Keeping Your Saddle From Slipping Back On Your Horse

Do you find yourself having to readjust your saddle after you get on your horse because it has slipped too far back?

We’ve all had it happen; we get our horse all tacked up in the barn and by the time we arrive at the arena and get on our horse, the saddle has slipped too far back. Here are a couple tricks any equestrian can do to avoid having to reset your saddle at the mounting block.

First, when you are tacking up your horse, put your saddle slightly further ahead than where you normally ride. Make sure that the girth is snug but still comfortable for your horse. This way you aren’t giving your saddle the chance to slip back while you walk the horse to the ring. After your horse has walked out of the barn and you’re about to mount, tighten the girth one more hole. Again it should be comfortable but tight — you don’t want the saddle to slip back in the first few steps after you get on. Once on your horse, let him walk off relaxed, and then as you’re walking into the ring (I wouldn’t go more than about 25 feet), tighten the girth again one more hole to where it’s just about where you want it for the whole ride.

And that’s the way to get your saddle up and settled back slightly into the correct position for your ride without having to use a sticky saddle pad or breastplate on your horse.

Bernie Traurig

As a Horseman, Bernie is renowned for not only his riding talents but for his teaching and coaching gifts. As a competitor, Bernie has represented the United States Equestrian Team both at home and abroad on many occasions and reached the top of the sport in all 3 of the International Equestrian Olympic disciplines: Show Jumping, Dressage, and Eventing.After amassing 60 years worth of training and riding techniques and experiences with thousands of horses, Bernie is driven to give back to the sport that has given him so much fulfillment and success.

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  1. Great tip! To add to that, as an MSA certified saddle fitter, I also find that saddles will slip too far back if the tree is too wide for the horse, as it’s trying to find a wider “home” on the back when it’s sliding back. If the billets are safely attached you can also use the two rear billets to help keep it more forward. Thanks for pointing out that it does need to settle back as I see many riders putting their saddles too far forward and they stay there and really restrict the shoulders and freedom of movement

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