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Stallion Traits: How Long Do They Last in a Gelding and Safety Tips

Submitted by member: Diana

I just bought a 6-year-old warm blood (turning 7 in a month, theoretically) and he was gelded on October 15 (roughly). How long can I expect him to retain stallion traits, and what are the measures I need to take or expect when riding a “stallion” other than the common sense things like avoiding mares and other horses. Thank you very much.

Answer by Julie Winkel

The later in life a stallion is gelded, the longer it takes for these stallion traits to subside. For at least three to six months, I would treat the horse as if he were a stallion. Besides steering clear of mares and geldings, be even more careful of confronting another stallion. Don’t let him smell another horse’s manure, steer clear of mares in season, be more aware in the spring, and consider putting Vicks in his nose if shipping with other mares. Additionally, you could use the Vicks at a show if he is stabled behind a mare.

Some of these mannerisms may never completely go away. For example, we have an older gelding that cannot be turned out in pasture with mares because he still thinks he is a stallion, fifteen years after being gelded. Just be aware at all times, as it’s the other people that are oblivious to the fact that there may be an issue. I’m sure you will have a nice gelding in a short time, but it’s such an individual thing I can’t give you a set time frame.

Hope this helps.

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