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Staying Fit While On The Road Or At A Horse Show

Submitted by member: Jill

It’s really hard for me to keep up with my workouts when I’m at show. Do you have any suggestions?

Answer by Robin Martinez

Yes! We all have trouble getting our regular workouts in when we’re away from home. I like to think of it as a time to simplify my fitness routine and make it more about fun and moving my body. I usually estimate that I’m going to have something between 5 minutes and half an hour to workout on any given day while I’m away. Knowing this, there are few options that let me successfully take care of my exercise needs without making it a big deal.

Try these suggestions depending on how much time you have:

  1. Go for a mix & match run. Choose your total time then break it up between running and doing a basic exercise like push ups. For example; run for 5 minutes then do 25 pushups, then run for 3 minutes and do 25 sit ups and so on until you’ve reached your overall time goal.
  2. 5 min max. Choose an exercise like burpees or squat thrusters (which is a beginners burpee since it has no push up or jump) and do as many as you can in 5 minutes. Try to break your own record each time you do it.
  3. 50 for time. Choose any exercise and do 50 as fast as you can then try to break your own record each time you do it.

The rule of thumb should be to keep it simple, fun and absolutely “do-able.”

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Happy riding!



“A true horseman will only ask athletic feats of his horse if he has his own body under control.” – from The Principals of Riding/German National Equestrian Federation

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Staying Fit on the Road - Robin Martinez

Staying Fit On The Road
Robin Martinez
As a rider, fitness expert Robin Martinez, knows how hard it is to get to the gym during show season. You arrive at the show grounds at the break of dawn for the first class and can’t leave until the horses are snuggled in their stalls for the evening. Robin shows us how to maximize our down time in between classes and get in a great workout, whether it’s back at the hotel, in the RV or even in the barn aisle!
Running Time:  8 minutes and 43 seconds

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Robin Martinez

Robin and her husband Dionicio Martinez own Blackjack Farms, a beautiful and secluded 5+ acre ranch in North San Diego, with a very unique indoor/outdoor fitness facility. They have a well-equipped indoor gym, multiple permanent outdoor workout stations and a groomed running track. The fact that it's also the home of their show horses makes it truly one of a kind. There is also a limited amount of room for people to board their horses, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of a horse facility and fitness facility all in one. Robin has fitness clients that ride and riding clients who workout. Its a wonderful harmony, everybody is fit around there - horses and riders alike. Robin's focus is on establishing core strength and building a foundation of fitness for her clients. As a competing rider herself, she uses that experience to create fitness programs geared specifically for equestrians to help them gain the strength and mobility they need to be at the top of their game. Her style is positive, fun, encouraging and pleasantly tough. For more information on Blackjack Fitness please visit her website at

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