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Stop Your Hands From “Posting The Trot”

Featured Image Credit: Savannah Brentnall

Submitted by member: Krista

I can’t keep my hands still when riding dressage. I have tried to fix this, but they move up and down when I post.

Answer by Verena

I have a couple tools and exercises to help you keep your hands quiet. First of all, the stronger your core and seat are, the easier it will be to stabilize your hands. It’s truly an art to keep a good supportive contact—to go with the horse but not balance on the reins.

reins through safety strap on saddle

Start by placing a bucking strap on the front of your saddle, then pull the reins through and hold the reins normally. This not only helps you keep your hands low, but it also teaches you to keep a steadier rein, thus creating better and quieter hands.

Another is taking a strap and looping it around your wrists once the hands are in the desired position. This allows the hands to stay together and straight.

rider holding whip to correct hand position on horse

Finally, try placing a whip sideways across the top of your hands once in the riding position and then hold the whip down with your thumbs. This will teach you in a hurry how to hold your hands quiet as neither the horse or rider appreciate a whip flopping all over the place 🙂

Riding is all about body control and self carriage for both the rider and the horse. The more you can control each other’s bodies in the correct way, the faster you can achieve supportive, quiet, and steady hands. It takes lots of practice and awareness. Hope these tips help.

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how to keep your hands still when riding a horse

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riders position on the flat

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improving a riders arm and hand position on their horse.

Developing Feeling In Your Arms And Hands
Val Renihan
In this topic Val Renihan shows us the exercises she uses with her students to encourage arms & hands that are flexible, shock-absorbers that follow the horse’s mouth during connection, maintain proper position and are sensitive – in a word, “Feeling.”
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