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What To Do When A Horse Puts Their Tongue Over The Bit

Submitted by member: Daphne

Do you have any recommendations for a horse that consistently puts his tongue over the bit? My friend has an OTTB that will do this. She has tried multiple different bits and nothing helps. Thank you.

Answer by Bernie

Once a horse has learned to put his tongue over the bit consistently it’s a hard habit to break.

Finding a suitable bit that a horse is comfortable in is so important. There are many choices and of course I always start out with classical mild bits such as normal D snaffles (not the ones with the curved ends), loose ring snaffles, (not the light weight ones that they play with) and both made of heavy stainless steel. I start with the single joint and then experiment with the french link.

Some horses love the rubber D snaffle over the stainless. Some love the “flavored” bits, copper, brass, etc.  Although I’m not a fan of plastic some will like it. It’s an experimental process that takes time. We have a bit topic on which will give you a steer to my favorites (link below).

If all else fails and your horse continues to put his tongue over the bit the most successful bit I know to prevent this is the Winning Tongue Plate Bit (WTP) available from Australia.

Here is a link to their website:

Tounge Plate Bit

Video Recommendation:

What bit to use on your horse

Bits and Bitting
Bernie Traurig
Bernie shares his personal insights on bits and bitting. His philosophy has been gained through decades of experience with thousands of horses.
Running Time:  31 minutes and 6 seconds

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